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What is the BCCC ET Scholars Scholarship Program?

What are the Engineering/Technology (ET) Majors at BCCC?

What are the Student Selection Process and Criteria?

How to Apply

What are the Deadlines to Apply?

When Do I Know I am Selected?

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What Do I Do if I Am Selected as an ET Scholar?

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  What is the BCCC ET Scholars Scholarship Program?
The BCCC ET Scholars Scholarship Program is funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) through its Scholarship in Science, Technology,Engineering, and Mathematics (S-STEM) program. The primary goal is to increase the number of under-represented students, especially African-Americans in three areas:

  • earning associate degrees in engineering/technology (ET)
  • transferring to four-year universities in ET majors
  • securing ET-related internships and job opportunities

Each ET Scholar is awarded up to $4,150 per year.

What are the Engineering/Technology (ET) Majors at BCCC?
The targeted majors include:

  • Engineering Transfer
  • Computer Information Systems (CIS Degree Program)
  • Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD)
  • Robotics Technology.
  • Other Engineering/Technology Majors (except medicine and clinical fields)

What are the Student Selection Process and Criteria?
Only U.S. citizens, nationals, refugee aliens, and U.S. permanent residents are eligible for this scholarship.

In addition, prospects must:

  • indicate an intent to study engineering or technology full-time (12 or more credits) throughout the grant period;
  • have demonstrated financial need per FAFSA;
  • present supporting documentation: high school/college transcript with 2.75 GPA in math, ET, and sciences;
  • letter (s) of recommendation from math/ET/Science teachers; complete an essay demonstrating an understanding of engineering/technology and explaining his/her career and academic aspirations;
  • undergo a formal interview.

How to Apply?
Get the application package from Liberty Campus, Life Sciences Building (LSB), Room 329/217/212, follow and complete the instructions in the package, and return the completed package to LSB, Room 329/217/212. The application package can also be downloaded from here.

What are the Deadlines to Apply?

  • April 15 for Fall Semester
  • November 15 for Spring Semester

When Do I Know I am Selected?
May 1 for Fall and December 1 for the Spring.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Am I eligible to apply for this scholarship while
I am still taking a developmental math course?
A. Yes
Q. I¡¯m an international student. Can I apply for this?
A. No
Q. I¡¯m not majoring in ET. Can I apply for this scholarship?
A. Yes. But you must switch your major to any of the ET majors above.

What Do I Do if I Am Selected as an ET Scholar?
Students selected as BCCC ET Scholars must agree in writing to participate in all project activities and maintain a minimum 2.75 overall GPA, as well as a 2.75 in all mathematics/ engineering/technology courses.

A student whose GPA falls below 2.75 in any one semester or does not participate in required activities three times in any one semester will be placed on probation for the following semester. The probationary scholar will be required to attend all scholar activities and to meet monthly with a faculty mentor. At the end of the semester, if the GPA continues to be less than 2.75, the student will be removed from scholarship status. Each scholarship award may be continued for up to two years, assuming the student continues to meet eligibility requirements.
High school prospects who do not meet the 2.75 GPA requirements will be encouraged to enroll in BCCC¡¯s accelerated developmental math review. This approach provides a review of high school math in advance of taking BCCC¡¯s Accuplacer math placement test, the results of which could be used instead of the 2.75 GPA requirements.

What Are the Activities for ET Scholars?

  • Field Trips and Speakers: Speakers from STEM fields and field trips to local STEM firms.
  • Peer Tutoring: 2nd year scholar will meet with 1st year scholar several times a year.
  • Innovative Math Workshop include Robotics Word Problem (RWP) and The Just-in-Time Self-study (JiTS).
  • Engineering/Technology Activities and Competitions include visits to Morgan State University and Capitol College, conference participations to Annual Black Engineer of the Year Award Conference, and annual robotics competition.
  • Family Involvement: BCCC will invite the scholars¡¯ family members and friends to engineering/technology seminars and competitions.

Special Note: Engineering/Technology Students are awarded up to $4,150 per year.

Academic and Industrial Partners
The following is a list of academic and business partners.
Capitol College, Morgan State University, Carnegie Mellon University, Juxtopia LLC, BGE, Lockheed Martin Corp., AMTEK Company, NASA Goddard Space Center, and Career Communication Groups.

Contact US

email: mgleger@bccc.edu

Phone: 410 462 7790